Point #6-Blogs Are More Interesting With Pictures

24 Oct

And before too long, I will remedy the sad, sad lack. I have quite a few pictures of various projects, but I wanted to get a few posts under my belt before working on pictures and explanations and tutorials and apologies and recriminations and a good rationale for why exactly I asked the sheep to do that.


One Response to “Point #6-Blogs Are More Interesting With Pictures”

  1. Rana October 25, 2009 at 11:16 am #

    oh yes… pics, please… especially of that French beaded flower… I’ve not heard of those… I’m lovin’ your blog, that it’s a more concentrated discussion of the crafts… and I love your writing style- so much more creative than I ever was! I’m good at the analytical, not so much the creative (writing, at least…)

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