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Point #20-Sometimes Germs Create Martian Death Flu

13 Feb

Wow. I was sick from January 2nd to January 30th. And then I was trying to catch up with a lot of stuff. So I have been gone. And now I am back.

Trying to rehash the life of me in that month and a half long span of time will take too long, but here’s the basic gist:

I got engaged.
There were some holidays in there.
I really love soup.
I like to plan things in fits and starts.
I have some bad habits.
My backyard had a tree, and now it doesn’t.
I have developed an obsession with lo-fi photography.
As a result of which, at this moment, as I write this, my house smells like burning plastic.

Ok, so that last one is funny and disheartening all at once. I have been finding some odd little gems in the big bin o’ cameras at various thrift stores and today found an odd little piece of junk called a Vista KX-500. It is made in China with a Japanese lens…or something…and it was never used, but is obviously a slightly older model. Can’t find a lot of info on this guy…looks like an SLR, but is a viewfinder model with four f stops. It has a hot shoe, but also a built in flash. I installed some batteries, and hit the flash. Big beautiful flash. Then a big, beautiful smell. Followed by big beautiful plumes of smoke emerging from inside the camera and now the battery compartment appears to be shorted out. No matter. I can still use this guy, which I have dubbed Doob, because he smokes…ha ha ha, for outdoor shots and see what he can do. I still long for a Holga or a Diana, but until I know if I will even like this, I can live with what I got.

The world has also been a cold place lately. I have felt like doing little more than curling into tight little balls like my cats and sleeping for days at a time. I have been terribly unmotivated to get anything done of late, but that changes now. After all, if I can set small fires at the touch of a button, surely I can light a decent one under my own ass.