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Point #45- Cornbread Mix is merely the beginning.

4 Aug

Ah, cornbread. You are so delicious and mealy, you are satisfying in even just your texture, let alone your “this could almost be a meal” stick to your ribbedness. I just never think to make you, merely consume you when available through non-me channels. (Including Boston Market, and don’t think I didn’t feel betrayed when I found out what makes theirs so smooth and delicious is one half cornbread mix and one half [gasp!] yellow cake mix!)

I made something so yummy and breathtakingly simple that I had to share it here, and I am sure I am far from original in doing so. Perhaps view this post, fellow non-bakey types, as proof positive that you can make your house smell like a competent homemaker lives in your grimy, cat pee scented hovel where heretofore no baking ever took place. Furthermore, you will make the recipe your own; as you may have figured out, I enjoy turning something mass produced or odd into personalised treasures. Cooking is no exception.

You will need a box of cornbread mix and some stuff. What kind of stuff? Any stuff, really, but my personal muffin hack tonight was to make Southwest Jalapeno Awesome Cornbread Muffins Woot.

This was stupid easy.

Take muffin mix and dump it into bowl. Add milk. Or eggs. Or milk and eggs. Or water. I don’t know. Look at your own cornbread mix box. What does it say to add for liquid? Well, add that. Mine was just milk, which was nice and easy. This part is fun. See what you have lying around. Do you want sweet or savoury? Fruit? Chocolate chips? I decided to go with some diced pickled jalapenos, literally just the Old El Paso brand crap you chuck into shells on Taco Night, and some sun dried tomatoes I have a jar of in my fridge. I wanted to increase the liquid slightly since I find cornbread to a be a tad dry, so instead of increasing the milk, I put about 1/3 of a cup, maybe a bit less, of the jalapeno “juice” from the jar. This made the bread itself taste spicy and flavourful, even if the bite didn’t contain a diced pepper. (warning, if you used fresh peppers, the muffin will be really hot…pickled are better and still pack heat). Into the mix went the diced veggies, and the juice. In addition, I liberally sprinkled some Tex-Mex seasoning, the type meant for stews, soups, meat, etc into the mix and also just a little grated parmesan. I whipped it up real good and filled up about six muffin cups (make sure to line with muffin liner thingies). I would have taken some pictures to share but really is that necessary? and also we ate them all before anyone could get near them with a camera. Picture cornbread muffins with green things in them, and then me looking at a plate, and then a brief but intense flurry of yellow crumbs and then me looking very happy.

They came out amazing. Seriously, they tasted all kinds of awesome and the total prep and cooking time was about 25 minutes. The hubs came home from work and was delighted. He will be less delighted upon waking tomorrow to find that I ate his last one. Whoops.