About Jessica the Accidental Artisan

Jessica has been crafting for years in one form or another. She was a singer and performer as a child and teenager, and ended up in an art class when a high school scheduling issue preventing her from taking chorus. She insisted that first day that she was not artistic or creative and the teacher set out to prove her wrong. The snowball started down the mountain then, and now Jessica tries every craft she can get her hands on. She maintains a Facebook group- also called Points for Creativity, has been published at Mookychick.com, and is working on a book abut crafting as a form of spirituality. She likes writing about herself in the third person in order to seem imperious and impressive and is considering getting a festive hat to wear whilst blogging.


One Response to “About Jessica the Accidental Artisan”

  1. Rana October 22, 2009 at 12:20 am #

    ooh! I want the book! That sounds very cool, and very true… I also consider it a great form of relaxation (oddly enough…)

    Glad you got the blog up and running, Jess!

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