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Point#17-Put It Out There!

7 Dec

Thanks to the Incomparable April, I now have an Etsy site up and a-runnin’. It’s weird and fun and scary all at once to know that our work is out there in the open. I cannot have done this without the photography, business savvy, encouragement, financial backing, and general all around wonderfulness of April. She is a true friend, and even as different as we are, I can’t imagine anyone would be a better partner in this venture. I sometimes wonder why she even needs me, she is so capable and talented herself. But I am going to do my best to keep tricking her into thinking I am good to keep around! Sssshhh, don’t tell!

So we have up several pieces and I think they will be well received. I am shying away from doing a lot of “advertising” here, but please do take a look, Fearful Readers, if you’ve a mind to, and let me know what you think.

In other news, I have decided to create a small booklet of mad drinks I have concocted using only cheap hooch and my own boredom. As the years have passed, I have found myself trying ever more ambitious combinations of weirdo drinks, usually to mask the wretched flavour of whatever bottom shelf rotgut I can afford. I still say, good booze is for wussies. If it’s good enough for the hobos, it’s good enough for me. I have created such wonders as a Berry Badranath, a Happy Homemaker, a Harvest Rum Punch, and a Shut Up, It’s Christmas. Today, I needed to conduct an experiment that required the consumption of a very large mocha and peppermint coffee drink with whisky in that I like to call a Blasted Santa. It was vital that I know how fast a Starlight mint melts in a hot liquid. No one needs to know why…just trust me. Tomorrow I will explain how the sky is blue using only a gin and tonic.

Point #13-Creating space is hard

14 Nov

When one prepares to venture into the frozen north (of Florida) and brave the wooded expanses (of Florida) and sell stuff of a luminous nature (presumably to Floridians) it is right and meet that one be ready to face all challenges. Specifically one should test the screen tent first. Lest you end up looking like Lord of the Tardmos in front of a slew of amused SCAdians (members of the SCA and I am oh-so-sure that’s gonna be its own post tomorrow), it is very important to know which pole goes where and, in fact, that you have all the poles to start with.

To this end, the Incomparable April the Motivatress and I sallyed forth upon her lawn to test run the screen tent. It had been several years since she had used it, and the directions were long since blown to the four winds, so it seemed a good idea to make sure the damn thing would go, and stay, up.

We are two highly intelligent, creative, vibrant, and dare I say, beautiful, ladies. We know How Things Work. We are Down With Technology. We, I venture to say, Have the 411 On All That is Jiggy.

We were stymied by the stupid tent.

The Internet yielded no help as the company had gone out of business. We wandered in and out of the house, carrying the tent bag, checking online to see if we could find other poor schlubs in our predicament. We separated out the various poles, proud that we could sort out such complicated concepts as “1”, “2”…all the way up to “6”, and then, most amazingly of all, “3A” and “3B”. We stared down at the poles, and I can’t speak for April, but I was hoping they would magically form into a tent shape all by themselves solely through the power of my wishbeams. This didn’t happen.

The outcome of the story, of course, is, we did figure out roughly how the poles go, accompanied by much giggling and inappropriate innuendo, because putting up a tent is the most entendre-laced activity since drilling for oil. “We’re pitchin’ a tent…har har har” “This one goes in this hole here…har har har.” At one point, I toyed with a pole (har har har) and muttered, “You know this will be a new blog entry, right?” I can’t wait for tomorrow. If the damn thing doesn’t fall on us, bursting into flame in the process, I will be firmly convinced of a higher power.

After the near fiasco with the tent, we went to the diner for dinner and I put sugar on my fries instead of salt, which I see as proof that I am getting dumber by the hour.

Point #9-Breaking Up IS Hard to Do

2 Nov

I had my first “real” craft show this past Saturday with the Incomparable April at my side. I have vended at Pagan festivals before, but this was my first real outing with an intention to make this a business. We sat in despair…ok, ok…we sat gabbing about everything under the sun with a cursory glance and an almost completely sincere sounding “Good Morning!!!” as we watched with blandly pleasant smiles until they went away, at which point we began gabbing again (We have our retail faces down!)…as the day wore on and nothing sold. In the last hour or so, a bunch of stuff went and the day was modestly successful, enough to “buy the table” and make a little bit for some supplies.

The biggest lesson I have come away from the first outing with, however, is that I am an emotionally involved chick. I sold two necklaces, one that I had finished just that morning, giving me the vague sensation that I had sold fresh wine, or pre-beer “wort” rather than something nicely cured and aged. Because I am a big dork. The other piece, though, was one that had been among my “to sell” stock for a few months now, and it was really much harder to let it go than I though it would be! Seriously, I was almost teary I slid the necklace into a plastic bag for her to take away. I honestly thought for a second that I would begin asking her to promise she would feed it everyday, take it for walks…send it to the best schools. “I’ll never forget you!!” my big dumb sap n’ schmoop gland cried out as my pink and green glass bead masterpiece walked out of my life forever. I told the very nice lady who bought it that it was one of the first pieces of jewelry I had made solely for selling purposes and that it was hard to let it go, because guilt creates repeat customers. 🙂 She has my email address and name, ostensibly to re-order should she wish to, but really I know it’s because I hope she will send me pictures of the big, beautiful, rabbit-infested farm I just KNOW she took my necklace to. ::sniffle::