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Point #5-There’s Always Another Time Suck

23 Oct


I always swear that I am Not Going to Start Learning a New Craft. It’s a fully capitalize-able mantra that lasts for as long as it takes for me to find an Utterly Awesome New Craft that Really Won’t Take Long and I Can Totally Learn. This, of course, always turns out to be Horse Shit.

As I type, I am attempting to learn how to make French beaded flowers. They are not really difficult, merely fiddly, and the end result is sufficiently stunning to be worth the effort. Or so I am guessing. I am working on loading teeny weeny seed beads onto thin copper wire and then forming petals in between typing this post. It is not a fast or efficient process. I started writing this post (and making the damn flower) when Barack Obama was President. President Britney Spears has just entered her second term and my flying car is in the shop. The only reason you are reading this in your present is that I used a time machine to post it. Gambling tip: the Cubs still haven’t won a World Series.

So i am told that a bead spinner will help this process and that is awesome, and I am really enjoying the actual beading part. In addition, if I ever get around to tying the knot (as in marriage, not another damn craft discipline), I want to make a bouquet of beaded flowers to carry. This is kind of a craft just for me, and I haven’t done that in a while. If only I actually had that stupid time machine.