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Point #38-No Place Like Gnome

2 Jan

I am going to go out on a bold and daring limb here.

Buy gnomes.

You know…garden gnomes. I think gnomes are going to be big this year, mostly because I have become mildly enamoured of them and am willing them into popularity with the power of my brain darts. They are fun, easy to personalise, and can be found for a song at yard sales and thrift stores. I found several at a yard sale recently and went to town making them a bit weird for the enjoyment and “WTF?”-ery of others. For my West Indian father, I painted a gnome as a tourist visiting our home island of St. Vincent, complete with tropical printed overalls and a gnome hat painted with the Vincy flag. The end result was a certain something that art critics the world over have dubbed “tacky” and “odd”. I take great delight in this being in my dad’s yard. He and his girlfriend seemed to enjoy the off-putting charm of it, though, and that is all that matters. Another gnome has gotten the Steelers treatment, complete with eye blacking and wielding a large hoe. Haha! That must be a Ben Roethisberger gnome, amirite? *fist bump left hanging*

I think that there is a lot of scope for imagination with gnomes, as well as other plaster critters and folk. My niece found a little ceramic bunny at a thrift store once that, well, it could only be described as “possessed by demon lords from the depths of Hell”. It appeared to have been painted for a young child’s room. I am assuming Rosemary’s Baby. My niece (thirteen years old and charmingly morbid) decided this little gem was just terrifying enough to make…more terrifying. On Thanksgiving, a holiday, of course, traditionally marked by the giving and receiving of horrifying statuettes, she bestowed upon me her completed efforts: a vampire bunny in full bloody rage, blood on teeth and paws and with bits of brain and stitching scattered on his Gothically ruined body. *sniffle* The psychotic little nippers grow up so fast, don’t they?

Thus, I recommend that you wander the aisles of your local thrift store for whatever strange little creature you can and see what you can make of it. It fact, just now, I have decided I want see them. How’s that for spontaneous? Let’s get an informal little linky party going here. Link back in the comments to your best thrift store creature redux. Scary or sweet, silly or artistic, I want to see what you can do with that creepy ceramic cat. Post your creation by January 16th and I will select a winner. The prize will be awesome. It will look stunning in your garden.


Point #30-My Fandom’s Made of Paint Chips

2 Sep

My last post, uploaded mere hours ago, outlined my groovy foray into the exciting world of figuring out what the shiny hell to do with all the paint chips I obsessively collect like Pogs. Or Pokemon cards. Crap, I don’t know what kids collect these days. Something to do with Twilight, no doubt, but you get my point.

The other night, my exhusband/bestfriend-type-person came a-swingin’ by with his lovely lady to pick up some books, and he took one look at my awesome paint chippery upon the wall and declared “want”. I am one to oblige my nearest and dearest who like them a piece of the hastily created out of random objects style of craft I produce and so I set to work the next day. Gary had a very simple colour request: black, gold, and white, stating that those colours “go with anything”. Horse doots. That isn’t why he picked those colours. You see, during my marriage to the fellow, I developed many fandoms, one of which in particular stays with me to this day. In spite of never having once set foot in Pittsburgh, I am a die-hard Steelers fan, as is he. This made the challenge doubly fun for me, and I set to work enthusiastically.

Crap crap crap crap, quintuple crunchy crap.

In limiting the colours to variations (and I most broadly interpreted, let me tell you) of the three he listed, I did not have enough of them in any one size to cover the other DAVE box (packaging from IKEA’s computer table, DAVE) fully. *kick chair, get in rage, wonder if drive to hardware store just to “steal” paint chips would be ridiculous…sigh* The neato thing is, this forced me to improvise, and honestly, I think the resulting project is actually awesomer (shaddup, it’s a word.) than my original attempt. The chips are different sizes, the colours are uniform but not matchy matchy, and the black paint outlines give it a cool graffiti finish that I like very much. It is subtly indicative of his favourite team, without outright using and abusing any logos or copyrights (observant folks may notice a subtle swish of paint on three chips meant to pay homage to the team logo in the shape of a hypocycloid; present, but not overwhelming) and something that even a non-fan would potentially find appealing strictly as a work of art. In other words: woo. Go me. Go Team! Go paint chips!!! *waves big foam finger*

This shows that wonderful Mod Podge shiny goodness:

A close up showing some textured chips as well as some left with the name of the paint colour showing:

A close up of the hypocycloids:

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