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Point #15-Interactive Stuff is Fun

5 Dec

I won’t make any secret of my ambition. I aspire to have people come follow my pearls of wisdom (ok, maybe kinda pretty pebbles you find at a beach) and make a name for myself. I find that I am having the most fun in this endeavour with my Facebook group, also called Points for Creativity. I like the interactive aspect, the give and take with other crafty yahoos, the posting of pictures and sharing of stuff. At some point, I would like this blog to be more like that, I just have to get there.

This weekend I am having a Holiday CraftCraptacular at my home. The goal is, of course, to craft crap for the holidays. The big draw for me, though, will be the sitting down with other crafters and the sheer fun of that interaction. Since I know that not everyone who reads me here at my little corner of the world wide web can get to my house, I challenge you to host a little CraftCraptacular of your own. Enjoy the camaraderie of getting together with folks of like mind. Urge them to bring snacks, tributes of livestock, and lavish gifts of cash. Wear a humourous outfit, and act nonplussed when it is mentioned. Fart often. Hide in small spaces and leap out at them. It is possible that some of these suggestions will lose you a friend or two, but they will all talk about it for years to come.