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Point #4-I Hope Cleanliness is Not Close to Anything but “Not Smelliness”

21 Oct

Otherwise, I am in troooouuuuble.

I have noticed something in my months of, shall we call it, “self” employment: namely that showering is something that happens considerably less when one does not leave the house. Before I am lambasted for my smelly hippytude, let me preface all of this by saying that I do not stink horribly, I am not going anywhere of importance, and I know enough to bathe myself regularly when I venture out into the big wide world.

But I was amused to realise that unlike the regular routine of nightly (or morning..er, ly) shower and washing of hair, I must motivate myself in some fashion. I have managed to justify purchases of new and exciting bath products in this way. Soap and Glory is clearing out their Peaches and Cream shower scrub at Target? To the shower, Jeeves and damn the lights! Ah, now I smell like peaches…

And NO baths. Yuck. They are fine when one is having a glass of wine and a book by candlelight moment, but if I am dirty, a bath is just soaking in Me Tea and that is full of fail.

I guess the bottom line is this: if you have to wonder how long it has been since you showered, it’s been too long.